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MALPOL is a food processing company with over a quarter-century tradition and experience. Initially, the plant dealt with processing mushrooms and vegetables in various forms. Over the years, it has been invested in the development and expansion of the plant and machinery park. This enabled to launch meat production. Today, the plant is one of the few that has the right to process game.

The plant has an IFS certificate, ISO 22000 and in 2020 we obtained a BIO certificate, authorizing us to produce organic products.

Marinated and sterilized mushrooms have been our symbol for years. They appeared first on the market and so far have stayed the most popular in their class. High quality and standards that we follow make that gourmets of our products come back to them and recommend them to others. Due to their exceptional values, our products are popular among individual clients as well as large retail chains. By deciding to buy our products, the customer is assured of their high quality. Numerous awards and distinctions we have received is a great recognition of our company’s efforts.

The main market for our products, in particular for sterilized whole and sliced mushrooms under the MALPOL brand, are EU countries, where over 70% of our annual production goes. The remaining part of the production is sent to the markets of the USA, Canada and eastern countries. Malpol operates on the basis of the latest technological lines such as vacuum packaging and closing as well as computer supervision during the pasteurization or sterilization process. All products are packed in various capacity packages. Among them there is a wide range of glass packaging, foil packaging and cans. Customer’s satisfaction is one of our priorities, therefore we try to adjust all the parameters of the product and the form of its packaging to meet customer’s requirements. Malpol has always cared about the environment, which resulted in the construction of one of the most modern waste water treatment plants in 2008.

We actively use our knowledge, acquired experience and technology to create a finished product. The result of it is the introduction of new products to the market according to customers’ expectations and current market trends.

One of our latest achievements is the launch of gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free products as well as tasty ready meals in the form of soups or main courses made from natural ingredients. This is the offer especially for people who do not have time to cook and want to eat home made meals.

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