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Food service is developing dynamically all over the world. Customers are increasingly demanding, so they are looking for products that will save their time and money.

Our standard group of products in this category is the range intended for gastronomy, hotel industry or semi-finished goods for further production.

We focus mainly on several basic products that are the most popular among our customers.

We offer our products in large jars, cans, bags or barrels.

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Every day we deliver our products that are consumed in meals prepared by hundreds of your customers. We are proud that we have an influence on the taste of your dishes.

The creation of our final product starts at the stage of selecting suppliers of semi-finished products. Then, through the receipt of raw materials to our plant and ends with closing the products in packaging and storage.

We are also flexible as to the form of packaging or composition according to your suggestions.

We invite you to cooperation and we wish all of you our Polish “Smacznego!” :)

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