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Mushrooms are the basic product of our company. We are worldwide known for high quality of our mushroom products. Constant and unchanging staff have been a guarantee of the product appreciated in many parts of the world for many years. Our mushrooms delight the palate of our customers and host on many tables in Europe, Asia and America. This recognition is all the more valuable to us because many clients have been working with us for many years. High flexibility to meet the expectations of our customers allows us to produce the product tailored to their needs with different packaging variants, content and strict quality requirements.

Mushrooms contain small amounts of fat and carbohydrates. They do not contain cholesterol. The content of mineral salts, especially potassium, selenium, copper and vitamins B2 and D, deserves special attention.


Marinated mushrooms

Marinated mushrooms have exceptional taste qualities. Our sweet and sour pickle gives them a characteristic taste. They can be used as an ingredient of salads, sandwiches or snacks but also taste great on their own.

Sterilized mushrooms

Mushrooms in brine with delicate taste and aroma are a high-quality addition to all kinds of dishes. They give a varied taste and combine well with all kinds of meat. They can be a component of various sauces, casseroles, salads, pizzas and soups.


Forest mushrooms

Various types of forest mushroom products are one of our product lines.

Mushrooms picked in Polish forests have been a tradition of Polish cuisine for many centuries. Forest mushrooms give many dishes a characteristic and refined taste and can satisfy the culinary expectations of the greatest gourmets.

Boletus mushrooms, bay bolete and chanterelles are the pride of our native cuisine, but their taste and qualities are also appreciated in many parts of the world.

Forest mushrooms are products rich in carbohydrates, mineral salts, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins D and B.

Canned vegetables

Canned vegetables occupy an important place in our wide range of products. The raw materials for the production of our products come from trusted farmers who have been cooperating with us for many years. Most crops are located in Greater Poland. For many years, this region has been considered the granary of Poland and agriculture has been the strength of the region for centuries. Vegetables from this region guarantee a unique taste and aroma of a dish.


Our cucumbers are valued and sought after by customers around the world. Carefully selected products and traditional pickle cause that our customers return to childhood flavours. Pickled cucumbers are perfect appetizer and also a great addition to dinner, sandwiches and salads.

Canned asparagus

MALPOL asparagus come only from the Greater Poland region. They are harvested from the end of April to June. Asparagus contain a lot of vitamins B, C, K, mineral salts, iron, potassium, phosphorus. Asparagus are a unique product appreciated around the world for their characteristic taste and their qualities make them an essential ingredient in many cuisines.

Vegan and vegetarian products


One of our recent key development directions is the production for vegetarians and vegans. The growing popularity of such products as well as their health promoting properties have contributed to the development of products that meet the needs of our current and future customers. Many of our products are made according to the suggestions of our customers. This means that our products are carefully refined to meet their requirements for quality and final appearance.

Our experienced staff is open to all kinds of new products to meet customers’ needs.


Mushroom and asparagus spreads

Our standard assortment in this group are mushrooms and asparagus spreads with various additives in the form of e. g. vegetables, forest mushrooms or dried tomatoes.

Spreads go perfectly with fresh bread but are also a great addition to various types of meals. Made only from natural ingredients.

Soups and dinner dishes


Ready meals have been in our range for many years. We prepare them according to traditional recipes, but we are also not afraid of new products and experiments. Our dinner dishes and soups are made only from natural ingredients. The sterilization process ensures a long and safe storage period without refrigerating. We manufacture our products in many types of packaging with different capacities, what is convenient for customers. In this way they can satisfy even the greatest hunger.

Just heat the product in a microwave or in a pan and it is ready to eat. It is a perfect solution for people who appreciate the taste of home cooking and live in a constant hurry. With theses meals you will always find time for a filling meal :)



In many cuisines of the world soup is a very important part of dinner.

The tasty and nutritious soup adds energy and strength for the rest of the day. It can warm up well on cold days.

We prepare our soups from natural ingredients. In our wide range we also have soups for vegetarians. The taste of carefully selected ingredients and their proportions will satisfy even the most demanding customers.


Dinner dishes

Our dinner dishes are perfect as a second course or as a single component of dinner. Various compositions of vegetables, meat and sauces have allowed us to create completely new products that differ significantly and stand out from other products on the market. An additional argument is that they are made from natural ingredients, without dyes, preservatives or flavour enhancers. They are prepared just like at home. And they taste so.

Meat products


Meat products also play an important role in our assortment.

We produce various types of canned meat in cans and jars. Pork, beef and poultry are our standard products. As one of the few factories we also offer game products.

Our products are made of natural ingredients. We approach each product individually by carefully selecting spices and other additions.

We can offer meat products in many different forms. These are various types of pates, sausages in jars, luncheon meat, lard.

Our lard in a jar is highly recommended. As an addition, we recommend our pickled cucumbers.

A slice of bread spread with lard with a pickled cucumber – is a real Polish traditional delicacy.

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